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"Wisdom bombs' being dropped, guaranteed to save so much time and money!..."
Get ready to kick off 2016!
Introducing AIS Elite...

What if you could take just the very best bits of someone’s knowledge, someone’s experience, someone’s WINS… remove all of the mistakes and just show the successes. 

I mean what’s worked and what’s working for them RIGHT NOW. 

I’d pay for this condensed information. 

I’d pay thousands. 

And I’m sure you would too… If it saved you months if not YEARS of hard word, testing, finding out what doesn’t work… only to focus on what DOES work! Why not just cut to the chase and find out what’s working, copy that, and get results. 

Makes sense right?... 

It’s like learning to play golf, learning to drive a supercar on a racetrack, learning to do pretty much anything really… 

We could all TRY it. Give it a go. Learn from our mistakes. We might lose a lot of golf balls and maybe give up. We might crash a few supercars, or hurt ourselves badly, but with each mistake we would learn. We would grow and develop. 

But what’s the point of doing this? I mean really, what’s the point. 

Ready to learn from a $10 Million Coach.

Life is short. Why waste time... Why not just jump to the good stuff. Get a golf coach, jump in the car with a driving instructor… and pretty much every other analogy you can think of… LEARN from someone that has been there and done it already... And with this in mind, let me introduce myself.

"Here's Your Golden Ticket To Fast Track Your Success"
My Name's Chris Cobb...
I’m a husband, father and in all honest truth just a normal guy.

And the reason for me shooting this video and writing this letter for you today is to let you know that I’ve made SO MANY mistakes over the last 10 years or so. 

So many that I have to laugh about them, or I might just cry!

So, here you go...

For you right now I’m going to list out these mistakes… so hopefully you don’t make them too.

1. I trusted the wrong people
I followed the advice of people that I would now class as VERY GOOD sales people. 

I trusted them and didn’t do my due diligence before investing money. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s why you need to follow ONLY people that are who you want to be, have what you want to have, and do the things that you want to do. 

In other words, they are already successful and can show you what they have done to get there!
2. I have followed systems and techniques that just weren’t right for me. 

You’ve probably done this yourself as well. You’ve been taken in by the marketing or maybe purely out of frustration or even the desire NOT TO MISS OUT… and you’ve joined something. You’ve paid money to get started only to discover deep down that it just wasn’t right for you. 

Sometimes we need to take a step back, look at what we REALLY enjoy doing and build a business and design our lives around that. And focus on it until we get there…
3. I have spent money rather than invested MORE 

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m doing ok. As you’ll find out in just a minute, but as I’ve got a little older (and wiser) I’ve realised the power of investment… Making money with the money that you’re making! 

The mistake that I’ve made is a combination of trusting the wrong people and also not investing and reinvesting enough.
This is the real path to financial freedom. A term much used, but often misunderstood in my opinion. What this is all about is money coming into your bank account on autopilot… from businesses, investments, property. You’re not necessarily working for it!
And it’s money that is working FOR YOU. You’ve made it and then you’ve put it to work FOR YOU.
And finally…
4. I haven’t had enough FUN!

OK, this might come as a bit of a surprise to you listening to this, but sometimes I tend to carried away with working on my business. Working IN my business… on tasks that I really shouldn’t be doing… And recently I discovered this. Almost like a punch in the face wake up call in fact.
Because now, as a father, my time is more precious than money. I want to spend every minute that I can with my daughter and my wife.
So over the course of a few weeks I started to write down ALL of the things that I was doing in my business. Against these tasks I then noted whether they were income producing or NOT.
Anything that wasn’t producing, I outsourced. 

Someone would be doing that task for me from now on. 

Anything that involved marketing, building the business, adding to my investments became my focus. 

And it sounds so simple now, as I say these words, but that wake up call for me was HUGE. A mistake that I was personally making.
Powerful Lessons From My Mistakes...
So hopefully you’ve learnt something from this letter already.
Hopefully I’ve already prevented you from making these mistakes as well…
And what you now need to understand is who I am and what I’ve been able to achieve with my little Internet Businesses that I run from home.
You see, despite all of these mistakes, I’ve been quietly banking thousands of dollars a day online for the past 10 years or so now.
I’m an Internet Millionaire and I’ve made in excess of $10m online now. 

In fact, I’ve stopped counting this figure because it’s not important to me anymore (although it does sound very good when I say it!)

Here's What I'm Focusing On Now...

Because we currently own 31 properties around the world. 

These are what I would call investment properties, the value of which is increasing and we also earn monthly income from these properties as well. 

Residual and financial freedom money. 

I’ve been through my phase of wanting and owning supercars. 

I’ve had 2 Porsche’s, an Aston Martin DBS, a track day car and numerous Range Rovers. 

And, if I’m honest, I would advise you to wait for all of this. 

Make money first, then put it to work and buy all of these “toys” with the money you are then making your financial freedom money…

So, As You Can Now See, I Am Very Successful...

I've traveled the world with my wife and we now do this with our daughter as well. 

Pretty much whenever we want, as we have no boss to report to and we can do what we do from anywhere in the world. 

I’ve made a lot of money. I’ve spent a lot of money… and I’ve also invested a lot of money. 

And I’ve made mistakes, probably like you have as well. But the important point is that I’ve learnt from them. 

And I’m on a mission right now to prevent YOU and others from making these mistakes as well. So that you can become RICH and then start building WEALTH just like I have… and just like many of my students and clients are doing right now as well. 

I started from a position of DEBT, approx. $60,000 in debt to be precise and I’ve been able to start my business, build my business and get to where I am now. 

So you can do this as well. 

You can clear your debts if that’s where you’re starting from, you can make money and get rich… and then you can work towards becoming wealthy and financial freedom. 

And RIGHT NOW I’m going to give you the opportunity to work directly with me on something that I’m calling Automated Income Stream ELITE, or AIS Elite for short… 

It’s a training program that’s going to show you ONLY what’s working for me right now. 

The techniques, the strategies, the very systems that I’m using to make money online… and then put to work for me. 

I’ve never released this content before. I’ve never spoken about this on stage or taught this before. 

It’s BRAND NEW and each month you will be learning what I’m doing in my business to make money right now. 

As I travel the world, as I attend mastermind events, test, implement and grow my businesses I will pass this on to you… Saving you time, money and all of the stress involved in finding out what DOESN’T work… so you know what DOES. 

You go straight to what’s working RIGHT NOW.

But, This Isn't For Everyone...

You’ll need to be a certain person for this training. 

You’ll need to have a burning desire to change the path your life is on right now. 

You’ll need to be an entrepreneur. 

That’s something I just can’t teach you to be… and you either know that you are or you know that you’re not! 

And you’ll need to be someone that can follow instructions, implement what I’m showing you...because if you are this person, and you can do this, you’re in for one heck of a ride. 

Imagine if I was able to show ME all of this stuff NOW, but then go back 10 years and IMPLEMENT what I now know. 

I think I would double what I’ve made. 

I’d have 100+ properties… and I’d be that much closer to financial freedom if not already there! 

Do you see the power of KNOWING what not to do as much as KNOWING what to do now?... 

Can you see how much faster you will get to where you want to be with this information?... I thought so. 

And that’s why I’ve put this letter together for you now. 

To give you access to this training. 

To show you what’s working as well as what’s not working so you don’t waste your time on it! 

You don’t waste your time on the stuff that’s NOT working. 

And you ONLY focus on working with the right people. 

The people getting results and also the right systems and techniques that actually work. 

What we’re going to do EVERY MONTH is to get together - ONLINE - and show you what I’m doing each month to make thousands, often hundreds of thousands from the internet. 

Working from home or even while I travel the world… 

The training will be videos, webinars and step-by-step documented instructions for you to easily follow and implement in YOUR business. 

And you’ll get updates EVERY month… for as long as you continue with the training… and for as long as you need me! 

And I’m calling this my AIS Elite Training. 

Elite, because you will be part of an Elite group… 

An Elite group of action takers and business owners succeeding online. 

You’ll learn how to setup your very own websites, how to get them professionally designed for next to nothing. 

Why you really don’t need to know and understand any of the technical aspects of the business… and how you can get all of this done for you all of the time. 

How video marketing works, how to create email messages and sales copy that ENGAGE and CONVERT your readers into sales and commissions. 

You’ll see REAL LIFE actual websites, capture pages and examples that I’m using right now… not just the theory… 

ACTUAL tracking and conversion figures as well. We’ll cover everything you need to know and MORE in the AIS Elite Training… 

Starting with the basics and then moving to some VERY advanced techniques as well. 

Stuff that you NEED to know if you want to take your business from 5-figures a month towards 6-figures… 

Which traffic to focus on and why. 

How to scale up your business and work LESS at the same time. 

The 3 key components that you MUST have in place before you consider spending ANY money on traffic… 

How to position yourself as an authority figure right from the start, charge HUGE fees for your services and repel timewasters and people NOT willing to pay you for your products and services! 

I can’t wait to show you all of this within the AIS Elite. And you can probably tell how excited I am about all of this right now…

Look, The Point Here Is A Simple One...

I’m looking for people to help, to work with and ultimately to make money with over the long-term. If that’s you then great. If not, then no problem. I won’t lose sleep over it. 

I don’t need to sell you anything right now. 

I’m looking for partners. 

I really don’t need to make a sale right now… 

My ultimate goal is to have testimonials of members – all loving the training and making money from the systems and the techniques. 

The AIS Elite training is BRAND NEW and the doors have just been opened.  

I have a few testimonials on this page but what you’ll soon see are more and more video testimonials and written testimonials… as we get up and running with new members. 

I’m looking to get YOU up and running. 

To help you make your first sales and commissions online. 

We will build your business as fast as possible, scale this up and then look at achieving the ULTIMATE GOAL of financial freedom. 

In fact, I’m looking to help 1,000 people achieve financial freedom over the next year or so… and if you want to be one of these people then it all starts here. 

You need to click the button below to get in fast. 

I’ll give you instant access to the members’ area and the 7 day trial of AIS Elite. And from there, it’s really up to you… 

I will provide you with everything that you need. 

Updates each month, actual working systems, techniques and methods that are working in the real world. 

If you implement these you WILL make money. 

If you don’t then please don’t expect anything to change for you! 

So, if you’re an action taker and if you want to finally see things working for you, or even add to the business that you already have…

Click the button below right now and I’ll see you on the inside.
But just in case you’re not 100% sure and convinced this is right for you... I’m going to let you get access to the first part of this training as a TRIAL...


To see if this is right for you and also to see if you are right for us… 

The trial will give you access to the initial training and you get to have a good look around the members’ area, see what we do and how we do it. 

You can then decide to stay with us, or you can cancel and get a refund at any time. 

No questions, no justification required, no problem. 

You’ll have 7 days to have a good look around and then after this time you’ll become a FULL member. 

We’ll unlock the next steps for you and you can get STUCK IN and really start building your business. 

I wanted to take all of the risk out of this for you. But also restrict access to those that really aren’t serious about building their own business and making money from home. 

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided on a nominal fee of $4.95 to give you access to this initial 7 day trial. 

By doing this I have already removed the timewasters and stopped us wasting time on them. But you can see the value in this. 

The savings in not making the same mistakes, the extra money you can make by getting up and running faster than you would alone… and the overall value of plugging into someone that just knows that they are doing. 

And the value you will get is going to be just ridiculous. 

Each month I’m going to be pouring my heart and soul into the members’ area for you. 

Everything that has worked, even what hasn’t worked so you can learn from that as well. And when you stay with AIS Elite as a member there will be a $49.95 fee each month. 

To cover my video hosting, support team and the work that I’m putting in to give you this valuable information every single month. It’s really a small price to pay to FAST TRACK your learning, to save you from making the mistakes that I’ve made… 

And also… to learn from an Internet Millionaire that is really just getting started! 

So there you have it. 

Everything you need to know to make an informed decision about getting started with AIS Elite… even if right now you’re just thinking about trialing this. That’s ok. I realise that I might not have earned your trust yet. You might not even know me… And that’s cool. That’s why I have this trial in place. To take any risk away from you. 

If you don’t like what you’re seeing just cancel at any point, or even just get a refund. I’m so confident that what I’m going to show you will just BLOW YOU AWAY… That’s why I’m offering this and even saying it.

Do You REALLY Want To Succeed?

And like I said I will be including testimonials and more information on this page over time as well… and I’d love to have a video testimonial from YOU telling everyone how much money you’ve made simply by following the AIS Elite training. 

How cool would that be? 

OK, that’s it from me now. 

I think you’ve seen and heard enough. 

What you need to do right now is to click the button below, lock in your place and get started with your trial right away… 

Maybe this has been the wake up call that you needed to change a few things in your life right now. 

And if you’d like to take this a step further, learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them… and plug into a system that’s been put together by a REAL LIFE Internet Millionaire… you know what to do.

Click the button below right now and I’ll see you on the inside.

"I just went through the second module Chris - Amazing Stuff! Which covered so many fundamentals that are often overlooked. 

There's a lot of 'wisdom bombs' being dropped, guaranteed to save so much time (eliminating years of struggle) and so much wasted money! 

The ______ training was priceless. It's great to get the clarity and understanding about how easy it is to think it is all about traffic, but as soon as you pull the trigger on traffic you realise there's so much more to it. Traffic is the easy part - conversions become the NEW WORLD that you enter with AIS Elite. 

The training is spot on and lots of powerful insights about creating a 'real' business rather than all the fluff that's being pushed out there by fake gurus. 

I look forward to the continued education. Time to create my implementation plan and take action." C. Gray. New Zealand"

Chris, I have finished the first 5 videos. It is brilliant! I had much of what you describe together, leveraging ______ _____ etc and then lost the plot and completely screwed myself. Can I share this with some of the people I am currently working with?" W. Nutt. Ire

Click the button below right now and I’ll see you on the inside.
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